Wellington Monument - Wellington Monument, built in honour of the Duke of Wellington, is a major landmark in the area and visible from many parts of the town

Knightshayes - NT Victorian country house with richly decorated interiors and fine garden

Killerton - NT Fine 18th-century house with costume collection, hillside garden and estate

Dunster - NT Ancient castle with fine interiors and sub-tropical gardens

Forde Abbey - Forde Abbey is a treasure in an area already known for its outstanding beauty

Powderham Castle - Built over 600 years ago, Powderham Castle is the historic home of the Earl of Devon

Watersmeet House - NT Built c.1832 in a valley at the confluence of the East Lyn and Hoar Oak Water, the house now serves as a NT shop, with refreshments and information. The site has been a tea-garden since 1901 and is the focal point for several beautiful walks.

Coleridge Cottage - NT Coleridge lived in the cottage for three years from 1797, and there are mementoes of the poet on display. It was here that he wrote The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, part of Christabel, Frost at Midnight and Kubla Khan.